Make up

Well this one is difficult because I do not wear makeup.. I do not wear any of it.  I prefer to be natural. As Chris likes me that way.. Now sometimes I may put on some powder if I am going to the store or something if My face is really red but I have not in 6 months.. If I wear it I prefer the stuff from Mary Kay. It is by far the best that I found and I like it better.  Yes I have tried other brands but nothing like Mary Kay..


Sorry For the Delay

OK, Yeah I know I am missing afew days but well my desktop died and I had to go with out for a while.. I was having a hard time catching up on my blog on my tablet or phone.. So I had to wait until I got my laptop. I am still not completely happy because my laptop has a cracked screen so I have to have a monitor hooked to it but it is better than nothing right now and It works..  I have a way to actually blog and write now so I am happy..  I will be posting more well as work allows me to..


Road Trip

Lets See a Road Trip planned or taken.. Well I have taken a few trips but I think the one I want to share is when I decided to Move from West Virginia to Indiana all on my own..  I was scared as hell and did not think I could honestly do it on my own and believe it or not I actually did it… I drove the entire way. Had to stop and potty as well as get gas but that was it. I did not have anyone with me to help me drive or anything. I did it on my own and I am proud of that trip. It was when I started this new chapter in my life and I could not be happier..   It took 8 hours to get here and I met Chris and instantly love at first sight. Though I loved him before we even met in person..