Make up

Well this one is difficult because I do not wear makeup.. I do not wear any of it.  I prefer to be natural. As Chris likes me that way.. Now sometimes I may put on some powder if I am going to the store or something if My face is really red but I have not in 6 months.. If I wear it I prefer the stuff from Mary Kay. It is by far the best that I found and I like it better.  Yes I have tried other brands but nothing like Mary Kay..


Sorry For the Delay

OK, Yeah I know I am missing afew days but well my desktop died and I had to go with out for a while.. I was having a hard time catching up on my blog on my tablet or phone.. So I had to wait until I got my laptop. I am still not completely happy because my laptop has a cracked screen so I have to have a monitor hooked to it but it is better than nothing right now and It works..  I have a way to actually blog and write now so I am happy..  I will be posting more well as work allows me to..


Road Trip

Lets See a Road Trip planned or taken.. Well I have taken a few trips but I think the one I want to share is when I decided to Move from West Virginia to Indiana all on my own..  I was scared as hell and did not think I could honestly do it on my own and believe it or not I actually did it… I drove the entire way. Had to stop and potty as well as get gas but that was it. I did not have anyone with me to help me drive or anything. I did it on my own and I am proud of that trip. It was when I started this new chapter in my life and I could not be happier..   It took 8 hours to get here and I met Chris and instantly love at first sight. Though I loved him before we even met in person..



Perfect Day

My perfect day would be any and every day I get Chris for more than a few hours. 24 hours with him would be my perfect day. He is everything to me and my perfect day is any time with him really. As his perfect day would be any time with me.  

Simple huh:)