Blog Hope?

What hope do I have for my blog?

Well this one right here is a bit tough and it will probably be alot longer than some of the other posts because well that is just me. LOL.   I have several things I hope for my blog and would like to see but you know that is just me and honestly I am happy just blogging because it keeps my mind at peace.

  1. I hope that I am able to continue to post ever day or at least have the post scheduled to go out at certain times. I have been pretty good about it so far and I would like to keep it up.
  2. I guess I would say that I would like to have at least 10 blog followers and 100 on the Facebook fan page but you know that is just me. To me the amount of followers you have is just numbers and mainly a popularity contest to see who has the most numbers for less content. Really to me it is not about that. Blogging is more of an outlet for me than anything else..

I guess  my hope for my blog is simple. Honestly it does not matter as long as you are happy with your blog and honestly I am happy with my blog..



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