Most Emabarassing Moment

Well let me see what is my most embarassing moment that would be in high school when i fell backwards off the lunchroom chair. I was so embarrased. My face was blood red and I think I after that I was ready to hid. I did not even go to 2 classes I hid in the counselors office lol. That was the only place I knew I could go without someone laughing at me.  That is my most embarassing moment.   That is one thing I will not ever forget.


One thought on “Most Emabarassing Moment

  1. I’ve had a few myself! I think the worst times of our lives are finding where and how to fit in with others in grade school and high school.. I didn’t have to worry about middle school.. our grade school and middle school were combined..but I’ve had emberrassing and awkward moments most of my life. I had one similar but it was falling up stairs between classes in front of 50 or so students.. I was nicknamed Miss Trippy for the year!


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