At work tonight even though we got pretty busy I was thinking what I want and hope for my blog. The whole idea I am going for with my blog is random postings like I have been doing as well as hopefully at some point I want to start writing short stories. I  have always loved writing since High School. In High School, I used to write all the time poems and stories.

Sadly when I got married  all of my writing stopped because I never had time. I was always taking care of the kids and never had to much time to do anything or was never really allowed to write because of the simple fact it took away from what I was supposed to be doing.   So now that I do not have the kids with me and going through a divorce.  I think it is the perfect time to write. Besides I have an amazing man who supports me in Everything that I do. Chris encourages me in anything and everything I want to do at any point in time.

So I think that it is time for me to start going out on a limb and writing a bit more than I do now.  As well as sharing a bit that I have written. So I think that possbily I will start sharing a poem or 2 here or on a different blog.    I have not decided  yet on that one..

Ok I guess it is time for me to actually get this posted. It is time to crawl in bed for the night.  Sweet Dreams





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