Thoughts on the World

This one lets see. I was kind of thinking I needed to skip it but you know I am getting no where if I actually skip it.  So let me tell you my views on the world.

  1. Well lets see the president could chose to do a better job running our country than he actually does and honestly I am not sure if I have much hope for the next one coming into office .  Every chance has not always been the best one either.  His views on all the shootings and so forth in the US his comments are alittle uncalled for. I do not remember exactly what it was but I remember reading about it as well as some one lashing out.
  2.  As far as all the bombings and shootings in the US and all over the world. It is abit crazy.   Killing people for no reason just because you do not approve of their life style is something definitely uncalled for.  Honestly What different does it make really we are all people and love is love.
  3.  All the talk of transgender bathrooms  and all the issues because some idiot goes into the Womens bathroom.. Really people think about it for a second. Do you actually know anyone that is Transgender? Do you know anything about them, what they are like and so forth? Think about it for a second next time before you judge someone. I am sure alot has seen my post on Facebook regarding this.

That is all, I am going to say because if I actually keep going it will be a massively long post.  Happy Reading

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