My Greatest Challenge

What is my Greatest Challenge ?  I guess you can say my greatest challenge has been all the obsticals that has stood in my way between then and now, to make my self happier.  It has been a long drawn out road to happiness and I finally am happier than I have ever been before.

The challenge was getting enough strength and courage to leave a bad relationship that was going no where. A loveless Marriage and move forward with my life. That has been my greatest challenge and I have accomplished it.  It took some time for the courage and strength to do it but with the right motivation and the right person in my life I did it.  Honestly I think it was not for Chris I would have never had the strength or courage to do it.  Chris has been my strength and inspiration for all things possible! I have over came alot of things I thought was impossible.

2 thoughts on “My Greatest Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you for doing what you needed to do as well as wanted for a happier life. I know the courage it takes to leave the familiar. It’s not easy by any means. My situation was similar a bad marriage with an abusive husband and that one special person who gave me the strength to do what I knew I had to. Hugs to you and hats off! You know I support you in everything you do. Making dreams a reality!


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