What’s in the Fridge

Geez, What a personal question lol. Lets see what is in the fridge.  I have the basics  Milk, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Bread, Lunchmeat. Lemonade, Left over spagetti,  a chicken breast ( i have to fix), Dr. Pepper, Gummy Bears, Chocolate Cake of course, Cookie Dough, Bell Peppers, and Potatoes ( Chris put them their) Though I may make one of them later. I forgot they were their lol.   I also have random things in the fridge like honey, sugar and chocolate.   That is pretty much what is in my fridge.. Sorry you do not get a picture!




2 thoughts on “What’s in the Fridge

  1. I have eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, cheese, orange juice, apple juice, wine, salad dressing, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes sauce, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yogurt. 🙂


  2. Cool idea to post your fridge contents. My fridge (doing grocery shopping today): almond milk, blueberries, grapes, juice, gluten free bread, leftovers, birthday cake, eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, assorted condiments.


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