Favorite Foods

Ten favorite foods. Wow that may be a challenge. So let me think on it, Is their 10 foods that i even think are my favorite.

  1. Chinese Food is definitely the first on the list. I can eat it all the time.
  2.   Spaghetti. Well its not a favorite but I like it.
  3. Chicken I  can  eat it several times a week as well.
  4.  Gummy Bears – are a definite staple in the house.  No, I do not share them lol
  5.  Bacon – Who does not love bacon
  6. Macaroni and Cheese is definitely one of my favorites. Especially home made or the shells and cheese.
  7.  Grilled Cheese Sandwich – it is always good with soup. Especially on a cold day.
  8.  Chicken and Dumplings – Especially if it is homemade. I will eat it.
  9. Popcorn – especially for movies.

10.  MMMM lets see  I got this far and let me see if I can think of something else.   Chips are always good. Doritos lol.

So I made it to 10 of my favorite foods..  🙂 Happy Reading .