Who Inspires Me & What Scares Me

So I missed two days and decided to combine the post.

Day 6 what scares me the most well this one is kind of a tough one.

One that that I am afraid of the most is being  abandon. I do not know why but it has always been one of my biggest fears.  I guess it comes from growing up the way I did.  That is a topic for another post..   Long story short for now. I  was always being abandon as a child and left to take care of my self or friends of my moms

Second I am scared of Spiders and Snakes. I always have been afraid of spiders. That comes from the fear of knowing that certain ones can kill you and finding on on my child while she was sleeping when we first moved to Kentucky. She was a baby and it did not bite her luckily and it was no poisonous but scared me none the less

Snakes No way in hell. They are creepy and slimy and ick. I have been around snakes the ones you can have as pets and all but still hated it just the same.

They are all icky creepy crawlies if you ask me

Day 7.   Who/ What Inspires Me

Who inspires me the most if Chris my Fiancé.  He has been my inspiration for alot of things that I have accomplished and that I want to do in the future.  Though he calls me his strength and inspiration he is just as much mine.  He has over come so much in his life and still does. From the moment I met him he always inspired me and gave me something to believe in.   He is my true inspiration and I love  him for that and more.

What inspires me that would be music. With Music their would be no life. Music is apart of our every day life in may things.  I love music and with music I get so much accomplished.


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