5 Current Goals

Day 8 seems to have me thinking – What are 5 of my  Current Goals. That one may be difficult. Though honestly I have not completely sat down and thought about my current monthly goals let alone future goals at the moment.

5 that actually come to mind and that are long term as well as short term

  1.   To blog more than every other day. I am trying for once a day maybe 2 times a day. and to actually make blogging my outlet for things.
  2. Become a better writer in general. Some day I would like to actually publish a book.
  3.  This one is kind of big for me and I have started working on it already. It is not to be so dependent on someone to take care of me. Getting a divorce moving to a different state and though i live with my fiance in our home. I am more independent and I do not solely rely on him to provide. I am working and take care of everything.
  4. Survive until October with less stress.  That is when I am getting remarried. So I have to survive lol.
  5.  Goes back to one and two. Actually keep a blog calendar and update it with what i write when it is published and so forth.

Those are 5 goals I have at the moment though I think i will add to this when i actually sit down and write my goals out.


One thought on “5 Current Goals

  1. I think they are a great place to start. You can change them like the weather when you need to hun.


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