Insight into Me.. Things you want to know

Todays Topic is 20 facts about me.  Hmmm That is difficult because My Fiance loves talking about me I do not.  Anyways here goes nothing ..

  1. I love animals – All kinds Though I think my favorite would be frogs. I love frogs and have a Fire Bellied Toad as a pet. Well as soon as she is of age.  As well as a shoe and sock stealing dog.
  2.  I ate thunderstorms.  Yes I live in the middle of Tornado Alley and have most of my adult life but you know they still bug me especially when I am alone.
  3.  I am Happily Engaged to my soul mate – Though it took me some time and the wrong person to find my Perfect Match. I have though and plan on getting married as soon as we set a date.
  4.  I am a Scorpio and have the attitude that goes with it.  My Fiance Calls me His Little Pitbull because I will be nice to you one minute and ready to rip your throat out the next. LOL
  5.  I have 3 kids though you know that and we are trying for another or Twins if we are blessed with them.
  6.  My dream is to at some point go back to school and become a doctor.
  7.  I am determined to write a book at some point. Though I do not know what it will be about but something I want to do and  have always wanted to do.
  8.  I really am not a fan of being in front of the camera, due to low self esteem issues that I have had since I was little.  Though I am working on those.
  9.  I never give my self credit for anything that I know I can do.  I am always saying I am not smart enough to do this or that. Though I have taught my self how to type as fast as I can and as good as I can with out even looking at the keyboard. Well maybe sometimes. Depending on how well the fingers want to work but it is only a glance here and their, nothing all the time or constant.
  10.  I am a closet Graphic Designer.  It seems to come and go lol.
  11.  I prefer flipflops and skirts to jeans and tennis shoes.   Really I would rather be barefoot but cant go out in public like that though if given an option i would in a heart beat.
  12.  Favorite food and Drink  – A Ceaser Salad with no dressing or Chinese.. Drink would be either a DR Pepper, Root Beer or Sweet Tea.
  13.  I am a complete Gamer Girl / Nerd and very proud of it.
  14.  I can not draw as much as I like to pretend I can.
  15.  I am a Tattoo Junkie. I have 7 and want more
  16.   I am a Babygirl- Most of you will have to look that up or ask. lol. Not going into details on the blog lol. It is a FACT about me.. You accept me or not your choice. My Blog
  17.  I would love to go to London.
  18.  I am not a Jewelry or make up type girl. My hair is often up and a mess. Nails not painted and No make up at all
  19.   I  am a Scentsy Addict and a consultant
  20.   I am really Girly at times lol

That is 20 Facts about me!  What is 20 about you?