52 Photos

So I wanted to do a photo project and could not find one that I was interested in joining so with talking to a dear friend of mine. We decided to just do our own.   Anyone is welcome to join us at any point in time. We upload to Instagram and Flickr as well as our blogs..  Both My Flickr and Instagram at the bottom of the blog so you can find them there.


Anyways here is my photo for Week 1 Workspace – My desk of course.  It is a bit messy because I need to clean it up but I took it as I just got off work and so yeah it is messy..

Week 1 workspace .png

Stay Tuned for more photos from #52fotos.  There is not set day to publish the pictures. We are simply doing this to have a little bit of fun..

Blog Hope?

What hope do I have for my blog?

Well this one right here is a bit tough and it will probably be alot longer than some of the other posts because well that is just me. LOL.   I have several things I hope for my blog and would like to see but you know that is just me and honestly I am happy just blogging because it keeps my mind at peace.

  1. I hope that I am able to continue to post ever day or at least have the post scheduled to go out at certain times. I have been pretty good about it so far and I would like to keep it up.
  2. I guess I would say that I would like to have at least 10 blog followers and 100 on the Facebook fan page but you know that is just me. To me the amount of followers you have is just numbers and mainly a popularity contest to see who has the most numbers for less content. Really to me it is not about that. Blogging is more of an outlet for me than anything else..

I guess  my hope for my blog is simple. Honestly it does not matter as long as you are happy with your blog and honestly I am happy with my blog..


A Confession

MMMM This one is tough.. What do I want to confess? Lets see,  Well a confession that not many know about except for the few that I have told.. I have been madly inlove with Chris from the moment I met him online.. Yes, I said online in a game he and I played together.  I was always to afraid to let him know and I always hid because I did not want anyone to know that I was in love with him. Hell it was plain to see though.  He captured my heart  from the very beginning and you know he has had it since then… Hell I told him That I have Belonged to him even before I knew I did.. My heart and soul is his and his alone.  Hell even through all the ups and downs we had and as many times as he yelled at me. I never stopped loving him. I was to stubborn to admit it and when I thought it was to late he was the one who came to me.  As soon as we confessed our feelings for one another I was at peace and my heart and all my love belonged to him and him alone. Today tomorrow and forever.. I guess what I am saying is it is never to late to find your one true love if you have not.. When you think all hope is lost and what to give up, it will be there waiting to pick you up off the ground, dust you off and show you what love is all about..


Most Emabarassing Moment

Well let me see what is my most embarassing moment that would be in high school when i fell backwards off the lunchroom chair. I was so embarrased. My face was blood red and I think I after that I was ready to hid. I did not even go to 2 classes I hid in the counselors office lol. That was the only place I knew I could go without someone laughing at me.  That is my most embarassing moment.   That is one thing I will not ever forget.